Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In Which I Explain How The Heck I Spend The After Days of SPM

Yes~ SPM ended almost a few days ago... which is great! Huzzah! >_<

So right after my last sub, Ekonomi Asas, on 6th December, our class had a toast with sparkling juice before we all head home. Cheers everyone~ :)

With me thinking of sleeping the whole day the next day, I say no...
We have a class lunch at Lot 10 Shabu One.... O_O
So on 7th December, with a blurry mind as I dragged myself out of bed, I rushed to reach Bukit Bintang station for the organizers said latecomers will be punished. Big deal, tons of people were late that day... But ah well who cares... -_-

They asked us all to wear something semi-formal, at least proper, sure~ I wore a skirt and a shirt with a pocket watch locket and boots and guess what...
AMONGST ALL MY CLASSMATES... ONLY 2 PEOPLE WORE A SKIRT?! Sure that other person wore a skirt but with leggings... GYAAAAAAAAAAAA~ \( O.O )/

Aiks~ I'll miss me partners... Although one of them is still
staying~ XD Kah Lee & Pei Yin~
Sook Wei & Yee Hui~ :D
Yup that's me table~ :D
Sr2A~ :3
Nah~ That part's not important, what's important is that I have a great time and I spent one last time with some classmates who are not staying for Senior 3. Enen and the food is good... :) We also played a game where we try guess a random number and the person who guessed it has to eat up the leftovers. XP

And I tak kena~ WAHAHAHAHA! XD
Do I get to sleep for the whole day on Sat? Nah!
Me and Yi went to attend Markets@Jaya One. It's a bazaar that sells different things like clothes and art stuff. I bought myself a bag, a Nyan Cat badge, and 2 pieces of fabric for my upcoming Alice doll project. Unlike the previous art markets I visit, this bazaar sells more clothes but it's worth visiting. :3 Plus I has a nice lunch at a cafe too~ ^_^

Oh what heavenly sandwich~ QoQ
NyanCat coming thru~ :3
Well let's fast forward to 10th December~ Me and my cosplay gang went to Tenshi no Cafe again. Unfortunately, there was only one maid there and the atmosphere was kind of cold and quiet. But ah well, at least we get to watch episodes of Sword Art Online and it just so happens they are showing the last episode of Season 1... Guess I can forget about watching Season 1 and skip straight to Season 2. Although some people we invite didn't come because they went back to hometown, we still enjoyed ourselves and we planned things like our upcoming photoshoot and CF plans.

The Mango Curry Rice was nice though~
Thank gawd... >_<

Sure you might think for the next few weeks as I roll around waiting for school to reopen, I'll be bored as a rotten squash. Meh~ I gotta get moving with my props for CF... Plus, I have to take on sewing just to sew the bunny I need for my American Mcgee's Alice cosplay. .___. Thank god my weapons are halfway through~ >_<

Have to do template~ -_-
And the fabric cutting~ -_-lll
Oh boy~ CF is coming... >_< CAN'T WAIT AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

In Which Elizaveta Plays 魔女の家

From the program which brought me Ib (RPG Maker), another user stands up to produce another game that is 30% scarier than Ib. That's right, I'm talking about "The Witch's House", also known as "Majo no Ie". (Not Majo no Le, it's Ie! I Google Translated it just to double check too~)

Just a little intro, this game is about a young girl named Viola, and from the title, you can tell that she enters this REALLY SCARY house and the goal is simple, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. O_O

Let me be honest, for those who have played Ib, you'll know that this game is kinda scarier in a different way. Light is kept to a minimal and the whole room is not illuminated so you can't see what's in front of you and who the hell is chasing you. The music also brought up the scary atmosphere especially when you're chased by something, just like Ib. Graphics are ok and sometimes the objects in the house move by itself just to make you jump a little. One thing that bothers me is the controls, kind of laggy but still it doesn't affect much of the game. :)

Although this game has only a few endings unlike Ib which has multiple endings, this game is packed with trickier and harder puzzles and enemies that are sometimes hard to run away from. Take the red skull at the 2nd floor, it took me almost 6 times to bypass it. >_< DANG!

Even the "Game Over" screen scares me... O_O

Should you want to save the game, you can only save it through a little black cat and the cat only appears in the beginning of each floor. So don't expect different save points like Ib, if you want to save your game just finish up the floor and proceed to the next one. Sounds like old Resident Evil games to me where you can only save with a typewriter... O_O

Overall this game is not bad and it's worth playing too. :3 This would probably be the next Ib. :D

You can download the English version from this site (Note that you'll need to install RPG Maker to run the game.):
The maker's site:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Which I Visit Le Pipit Wonderful Market &100TH POST!! XD

Goodness!  100th post already?!  Fuwafuwa~ :3

So while I was surfing FB, I came to Pipit Zakka's Store fanpage.  That's when I realized that they are having their final Pipit Wonderful Market. Ah well, let's go show some support and stock up some handmade crafts too! X3

So after tution, I head to The Annexe Gallery at Central Market to pay a visit to this market. Sure thing having that this will be Pipit Zakka's final market, it's quite crowded. O.O

Bienvenido! :)
Leave a message here~ ^_^ 
Byk org nya~ XD

Gotta catch 'em all~ POKEMON! :D

Me, mom and Yi looked at what offers are in store. We also wanted to get something for Eri-chan this Christmas as well. So after some hunting, we managed to get her something and as for me I got also some treasures too. :D

I got a shirt too... but it's in the washing ~ :3
Design by wonderkitten
We also got quite a no. of name cards too...
Good for collecting~ :P

I was planning on heading home but dad wanted to watch Skyfall at KLCC. So while we waited for 8pm, we looked around Central Market and I got myself a nice pocket watch pendant. Although I still want one with no see-through cover, but this is also not bad. :)

We also went to Popular to grab the latest 深夜食堂 before going to KLCC and watch fancy posh people heading to Lee Chong Wei's wedding dinner. -_-

We got to the cinema and yea... we watched the movie... >____<
Goodness me there's BL in here. Although the beginning was a total waste and there aren't any new gadgets (Except for a radio and an old Bettle..), the villian saved the movie from becoming the worst Bond film ever. The villian was really smart and awesome, mom even agreed with me. Q was also really cute and cool here too. XD Adele did a great job in the opening, best Bond film opening ever. :)

BL is under way~ O.O
First time me and Yi watched a Bond film in a cinema, mom and dad  first Bond film in a cinema was actually while Sean Connery was James Bond. Forgot which one was it.

So that's about it... :)
Now to rot until next week as the battle between SPM continues... >____<

Friday, November 2, 2012

In Which We Celebrate Spain's Birthday~

Wait what?! I thought Spain's birthday's supposed to be on 12th October. O_O
Naw... I meant my best friend~ :)

So while in the midst of doing those cards, I peeked on my FB and realized not only dad's b'day is coming, me best friend's one is also approaching too. You see, Spain was supposed to stay back for Sr3 but due to complications, he didn't.

And because of that, I decided to give him something a little moah special...
Something handmade...

So there, I made the sketches during SPM Trials, ask him which Touhou character he likes then put my work into action~ Coloring away with my poster colors and markers... :)

Let's fast forward to 1st November, one day before SPM candidates stop school and before his birthday.

Few days before that friends like Xin Zhe and Sam prepared his gifts like buying cake and a pair of REALLY NICE drumsticks. I did prepare what I'm giving and when I was gonna wrap up the present I was like OH CRAP NO WRAPPING PAPER... so I had to use pink and made a big excuse on the front of the present.... ^_^lll

The day arrives, before 1st recess I was soooo drowsy and sleepy until the bell for the 1st recess sounds...

Me, Xin Zhe and Sam arranged all the stuff ( And Spain almost saw it~ O_O ) at Xin Zhe's class and when everything's ready, we head to Sr2SCB. We were so close to dodging him until Spain turned around and... >_<

So everyone broke into a Happy Birthday song and yup... you know... :D

Things went fine ( Except le stupid candle went out ) until Sam realized WE FORGOT DE FREAKIN KNIFE?! O.o Ah well... use chopsticks la~ :P

Edo actually Spain requested something from me for his birthday as well, and after N.Italy and Sam keep ushering me, I gave Spain one nice big hug... *blush* >_<

Gyata~ When I went back to class I was like GYA WHAT HAPPENED BACK THERE... Me sort of paiseh but ah well... ._.

And so fast forward to 12am when Spain opened me present, he liked it and thanked me for it but he went HUNGARY WHAT'S WITH ALL THE JAPANESE WORDS AT LE BACKGROUND?! O.O

There goes another hour of guessing the lyrics to the songs, and me shedding some tears after he guessed them...
What songs you say? Here...

So yeah that's much about it. :)

Hey Spain if you're seeing this, I just want to say that you're a really an awesome and amazing person. I'm actually quite happy I met you and I actually hope that one day, I can bring you and Bela-chan to Hong Kong to visit that crazy mall in Mong Kok, see my relatives, head to the nice park near my Grandpa's home that's by the sea... :)

I still thank you so much for being such a fantastic friend to me in everything. You made my day today. :3

What's that? I haven't show you all what I gave him? Here it is...
I also gave him my Youmu Konpaku badge that I bought during AMG '12.

In Which Elizaveta Draws Steampunk~

So I've started to get attracted to this theme known as "Steampunk". XD In fact, I actually read quite a number of steampunk-themed novels since young. (Does Larklight or The Infernal Devices Series count?) >_<

Anyway, I wanted to try do something related to that theme. So for almost a whole month, I tried focusing on this theme in my drawings. Which resulted me into buying this book... ._.

I find this book kind of cool, it does teach me a bit on devices but seriously the characters?! Who designed them? Why da heck they look like that?! O_O Ok their costumes are fine but what de heck with the looks and body?! @_@

After a while I thought, well since SPM is almost here and I think I never gave anything to my cosplay pals... Perhaps I should make some cards? (ノ゚Д゚)八(゚Д゚ )ノ

And so I got to work...
Rushing this project... ( I STILL HAVE TO STUDY!! ) (⋋▂⋌)

Still in the process... O.O
Took me quite a lot of poster color, I think I still have enough for my Seni exam... >_<

From top: Hungary, Belarus, Spain, South Italy,
Taiwan, China, England. North Italy
There's a total of 8 people from APH in steampunk mode. I made another 4 for my other friends too. So I did a total of 12. After all the hard work I brought my work plus another random piece of art to the photo store to laminate it and slice them into 12 pieces...

Bottom row left to right: Saber Steampunk Ver, Ironman,
Girl's Generation Jessica and Kuchiki Rukia
While I was writing on them I was wondering "Hey perhaps I should tell them it's a puzzle and challenge them into finding all 12 pieces... " ( ✖‿✖ ) After much thought, I decided not to.

So I gave them the cards... But China realized something wasn't right when he found out his card pairs up with Taiwan's one... O.O And so all my friends teamed up and...

I had no choice but to reveal the answer. Ah well~ :P Good luck in your SPM ya! :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

In Which Hungary Feels A Little Lonely~ :(

I'm doing a new system here, I fancy putting my posts' titles with "In Which...", so yeah, I shall start now. >_< Ok back to the topic~

So 2012 is almost coming to a close and school's definitely gonna end soon and SPM is in a week...
Bummer! @_@ Also for my school, every Sr2 student has to decide whether they stay back to take SUEC or leave KC for good. Well just to spoil it for you nice people, since my Ekon and PA met the required standards to get into Commerce class, plus I haven't decided whether I'm gonna major in music or art, I have decided to stay back and face Sr3. Besides, it's much better if you get an official graduation certificate than a leaving school one rite? ._.

That's good for me, but not really...
Most of my friends are leaving me... ☹

Another one?
Not only classmates, even my cosplay gang mates are leaving me too...

I wonder sometimes, what's with this year 2012. I know I'll be loosing something this year, take my best friend Bela-san for example. But I'm loosing another best friend as well. That person at first said he/she will stay back, but due to complications, he/she has to go...

I won't say who that person is, and I'm not sure whether that person will know, maybe soon~

I'm starting to feel more lonely, I do thank God sometimes for offering me some chances to talk to that person. But I still think life is being mean to me...

I humor whistle to myself songs from Phantom of the Opera or maybe Miku's sad ones. Comforts me sometimes~  But my heart still feels really empty~ ♡

"We all have times when we go home at night and pull out our hair and feel misunderstood and lonely and like we're falling. I think the brain is such that there is always going to be something missing." - Jude Law

Thursday, October 11, 2012

お誕生日おめでとう猫先生~ :3

Nyannnnnn~ It's my cat's birthday YESTERDAY... 
Yea I was a tad late, got tuition the whole day~

My birthday ALREADY?! O.O

Although my cat didn't really come in our house on 10th October, but we kind of asked the vet her exact birth date when it was last December, the day we took her to the vet after we picked her up from the carpark. The answer was about 2 months ago~ So... it was decided that her birthday is today~ :P

I know you want one~ :3

Just to make things a little special, mom did a cake out of wet cat food, topped with cat food pellets and a small stick of meat jerky for cats. We didn't dare feed her moist cat food after her diarrhea attack when she first started off at our house, but since she's turning one year old, it should be ok. :3

The cake....... :P

"This cake's mine right?" ._.

Om hom nyam hom~ :)

I actually tried to record a 6 minute video of her eating the cake, but the Nokia wasn't friendly with me~ T^T Dang~ ._.

Nah dun freak out, we didn't join her in finishing that cake. Instead mom took her chance on making vegetarian tempura by only using lady's fingers, eggplant, mushrooms and pumpkin~ I think there should be more fry fry bit but it's still delicious~ :D


That's much about today. What she did when me and Yi out was another thing, probably sleeping and grooming herself or chasing bugs or trolling around~ ._____.